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The North County Region of San Diego County is one of the nicest places that Californians can live and work. The business park in Vista, the historic architecture in Oceanside, and the beautiful neighborhoods in Carlsbad are among the reasons that married couples have chosen to make a life in the North County area.

Unfortunately, not all marriages survive. Financial problems, infidelity, domestic abuse, and incompatible goals are among the reasons that marriages break apart.

Spouses who are contemplating a divorce should plan in advance. Making a plan for a secure financial future is a top priority. When couples have minor children, making a parenting plan protects the best interests of the children and the rights of the divorcing spouse.

Spouses need accurate information and sound advice before they divorce.  Vista family law and divorce lawyer Michael Rehm can provide the guidance that a spouse needs to make the transition to a new life.

Financial issues in an Oceanside Divorce

Planning for a financial future begins by placing a value on community property. While a divorcing spouse is generally entitled to keep property that the spouse acquired before the marriage or after separation, property acquired during the marriage is divided equally.

Disputes about the value of community property arise when one spouse keeps the property and must pay the other spouse half of its value. Oceanside Divorce Lawyer Michael Rehm will assist a spouse in obtaining a fair valuation of community property.

Difficult issues also arise when property that was acquired before marriage gains value during a marriage, or when contributions are made during a marriage to a retirement account that was opened before the marriage. A divorce lawyer will help a spouse obtain a fair division of those assets.

Spousal support is awarded when a spouse or partner needs continuing financial support after a marriage ends. Escondido Divorce Attorney Michael Rehm can advise clients whether a court would likely award spousal support and, if so, for what length of time.

Custody Issues in a Carlsbad Divorce

The best interests of minor children are the touchstone of any custody decision. A family law attorney can help a parent construct a parenting plan that provides for children while protecting the parent's rights.

When parents are communicating constructively and are willing to put their children's interests ahead of their own, courts generally want them to have joint legal custody. That allows them to make important decisions about their children together.

Physical custody addresses where the children live. If parents live near each other and both have time to devote to parenting, joint physical custody allows a child to live equal amounts of time with each parent.

Since joint physical custody isn't practical for most divorced parents, parenting plans usually define where the child will live most of the time. A parenting plan will also define the amount of visitation that a parent will have when the other parent has sole physical custody.

Parenting plans can be flexible when parents communicate well with each other. When one spouse is unreasonable or abusive, Carlsbad Family Law Attorney Michael Rehm will want to assure that the plan protects the rights of the client and the child's well-being.


Divorce and Family Law can be a very toxic situation, and the selection of the wrong attorney will only add to that.  The ability to stay reasonable in this toxic situation, with the assistance of an effective, cool-headed attorney, will allow you to protect your rights, and move on with the least amount of acrimony and headache for a brighter future.

Call North County San Diego Divorce Attorney Michael Rehm at (619) 787-3456 to see how he can make that happen. Attorney Michael Rehm represents clients from throughout North County San Diego, including Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Escondido, Encinitas, San Marcos, Poway, Solana Beach and Del Mar. 

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