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The Law Office of Michael Rehm is a DUI and Criminal Defense Law Office that practices throughout San Diego County. Michael Rehm is available for free, confidential consultations at (619) 787-3456. In DUI related matters, a hearing must be set with the California DMV within 10 days of the arrest. Therefore, even with the normal sense of urgency in a criminal case, there is a strict deadline right away. This hearing allows the defense an opportunity to contest any potential license suspension, as well as obtain valuable evidence from the DMV, that might not be available in court. Aside from that, the normal urgency of a DUI or Criminal case starts right away. Witnesses need to be interviewed. Statements need to be obtained. The scene of the incident needs to be examined to determine if there are any potential surveillance videos that could provide exculpatory evidence to the accused. Work needs to get started right away. San Diego Criminal Lawyer Michael Rehm takes an aggressive approach to Criminal and DUI cases. As it should be, since our liberty interest demands it.

"Energy and Persistence conquer all things." Benjamin Franklin



In all Criminal cases, including drunk driving matters, the founding fathers set up particular protections for the accused. The right to a public and speedy jury trial. Guilt must be shown by proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and the jury must come to a unanimous verdict.  The right against unlawful search and seizure. The right against self-incrimination. The right to confront and cross-examine all witnesses against you.  The right to remain silent. These rights are there for a reason. Fairness in the criminal justice system is the backbone of a free and righteous society.   The founding fathers believed it was preferable for nine guilty men to be set free, than for one innocent man to be found guilty. That principle is the underlying foundation of the rights bestowed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they are your ultimate protections when faced with criminal charges. When effectively exercised, they will provide that protection. A thorough understanding of the law is necessary in criminal defense. A thorough understanding of the law and how alcohol absorbs into the bloodstream is necessary for DUI defense.  But the underlying protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights apply to both. Contact Michael Rehm for a free consultation to find out how these protections apply to the facts of your case.