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The four quadrants in Carlsbad offer a variety of pleasures for residents and visitors, ranging from historic buildings and nature preserves to modern wellness centers and luxurious resorts. An impressive array of brew pubs, wine bars, and eclectic taverns offer a chance to relax with friends at the end of the day.

Too much relaxation can turn into a nightmare when drivers are pulled over by law enforcement officers. Arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) are common in Carlsbad.

DUI Arrests in Carlsbad

During the most recent year for which statistics have been reported, 362 DUI arrests were made in Carlsbad. That's about the median number of arrests for a California city the size of Carlsbad.

While DUI arrest rates in most of California declined in that same year, they increased in San Diego County. The drive to make DUI arrests places innocent drivers at risk of being prosecuted.

About 95% of DUI arrests are for misdemeanors. Unless a driver was involved in an accident that caused a serious injury, felonies are only changed if the driver has at least three prior DUI convictions. Even then, a felony charge is optional.

DUI Prosecutions

Most DUI arrests in Carlsbad are prosecuted by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. That office handles nearly 10,000 DUI prosecutions every year.

About 5% to 6% of DUI prosecutions in San Diego County are for driving under the influence of drugs. While a charge involving alcohol is typically resolved about 75 days after arrest, a charge involving drugs takes an average of 109 days to resolve. Drivers are more likely to contest charges of driving under the influence of drugs because those charges are more difficult for prosecutors to prove.

Even when a DUI charge involves alcohol, a conviction is far from a slam dunk. San Diego prosecutors only obtain a DUI conviction in 77.3% of the cases they charge. Many of the remaining cases are resolved by plea bargaining.

San Diego County prosecutors resolve 10.6% of DUI cases by reducing the charge to “wet reckless.” That conviction spares a driver from an automatic license suspension and usually results in lower fines and less jail time than a DUI. Another 1.6% of charges are resolved with a plea to a more favorable traffic charge.

The County's remaining DUI charges — 10.4% of the total — are resolved with no conviction. Lawyers file motions that cause the charge to be dismissed or they persuade a jury to return a verdict of “not guilty.”

Rather than pleading guilty and accepting a penalty, drivers who are arrested for DUI in Carlsbad should learn about their options. Carlsbad DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm can investigate the facts and help drivers minimize the consequences of an arrest. For a free consultation, call (619) 787-3456

Carlsbad DUI Attorney – Michael Rehm

Free Consultations – (619) 787-3456

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