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Crash statistics tell us that Clovis has fewer car crash injury victims than most comparable cities in California. Unfortunately, a deeper dive into those statistics reveals that young bicyclists have a significant risk of being injured in a Clovis car crash.

In the most recent year covered by data from the Office of Traffic Safety, 407 people were injured or killed in Clovis car crashes. The OTS compared Clovis to 58 California cities of similar size. After adjusting its data for miles driven, the OTS ranked Clovis as the having the 42nd worst crash statistics of the 58 cities.

Breaking down that data reveals that young pedestrians and bicyclists have the most significant risk of injury in Clovis. The city ranks 51st out of 58 for pedestrian injuries, but 29th out of 58 for injuries to pedestrians under the age of 15. 

All bicycle riders face a risk in Clovis, but the risk is higher for young riders. The city ranks 28th out of 58 for injuries to bicyclists but 8th out of 58 for injuries to bicycle riders under the age of 15.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal damage, and other catastrophic injuries. Clovis Personal Injury Michael Rehm can help injury victims and the families of wrongful death victims who were involved in Clovis traffic accidents.

Court Hearings Regarding Clovis Car Crash Injuries

Lawsuits against negligent drivers in Clovis are filed in the Superior Court for Fresno County. Those lawsuits are usually managed by one of four judges assigned to hear “large claims” civil actions. The judges are typically assigned to a courtroom in the fourth or fifth floor of the B.F. Frisk Courthouse in Fresno.

In a recent fiscal year, more than 800 motor vehicle accident lawsuits were filed in the Fresno County Superior Court. A much larger number of car crash injury claims were made against insurance companies, but most of those settled out of court.

Most of the car accident lawsuits filed in Fresno County also settle. Effective lawyers on both sides of a car accident case can usually reach a fair settlement rather than facing the uncertain outcome of a trail. In the most recent fiscal year, only ten motor vehicle accident cases went to trial.

Clovis Car Accidents

Busy streets that intersect with Minnewawa Avenue are common locations for Clovis car accidents. Tollhouse Road and Ashland Avenue are other trouble spots for drivers.

Some Clovis streets have designated bicycle lanes, but they are usually separated from traffic only by pavement markings. Drivers making turns encroach on bicycle lanes, often without checking to see if they are occupied. Children who ride in a bicycle lane are at particular risk because their bodies and bicycles tend to be smaller and more difficult for careless drivers to notice.

While drivers are required to slow down and exercise caution in Clovis school zones, children who are walking and biking near schools are not necessarily safer than pedestrians and bicyclists in other parts of the city. Clovis Car Accident Lawyer Michael Rehm can help adult and minor victims who are injured in a Clovis collision.

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