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More than 1,000 victims of car crashes are killed or injured annually in Napa County. In addition to drivers and passengers, crash injury victims in a recent year included 77 motorcyclists, 41 bicycle riders, and 31 pedestrians.

Only four California cities of comparable size have a higher rate of traffic accidents causing injury or death than the City of Napa. Perhaps because Napa Valley draws tourists for wine tasting at its world-class vineyards, no city of comparable size has a higher rate of injuries caused by drunk driving collisions.

What happens after a Napa traffic accident causes an injury or death? Napa County statistics from the most recent fiscal year tell the story.

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Settlements in Napa County

It isn't surprising that traffic accidents keep the Napa County courts busy. Almost 100 lawsuits relating to motor vehicle collisions were filed in Napa County during a recent fiscal year.

In the same year, 73 pending lawsuits for motor vehicle accidents were resolved. Every one of those cases settled without a trial.

Since most cases settle before suit is filed, the number of Napa County insurance claims made by car crash victims is clearly substantial. Those statistics also give an idea of how many cases are settled without the filing of a lawsuit. There is a common misconception that personal injury lawyers consistently file "frivolous lawsuits," and the statistics tell a different story. 

Napa County Courts

Personal injury lawsuits are filed in Superior Court. The Napa County Superior Court hears civil cases in the historic Napa County Courthouse on Brown Street in the City of Napa.

Napa County has six judges. Four of the six are female. Napa County can take pride in having the highest percentage of female judges in California. Two of Napa County's six judges are assigned to civil cases, including personal injury lawsuits.

Lawsuits in Napa County are handled efficiently. About 84% of “large claims” civil lawsuits filed in Napa County are resolved within 1 year and 96% are resolved within 2 years. Statewide, only 85% of large claims lawsuits are resolved within 2 years.

Napa Car Accidents

Napa County experiences the third highest rate of California car crashes in which speed is a factor. Alcohol consumption and fast driving on Napa County's rural roads is a deadly combination.

Most Napa County car crashes occur during daylight hours. Perhaps drivers who are rushing from one winery to another before they close for the day account for that statistic.

Muscle and other soft tissue injuries are the most common outcome of Napa car accidents, including whiplash and back injuries. Soft tissue injuries tend to become nagging, long-term impairments if accident victims do not obtain prompt medical attention and follow through on recommended treatment, including physical therapy.

Bicycle, motorcycle, and pedestrian victims are at enhanced risk of traumatic brain injuries. Hip and joint injuries, as well as broken bones, also plague collision victims who are not enclosed in a vehicle. Road rash, also a common injury, might not seem life threatening, but a condition known as sepsis can result from skin infections if road rash is not treated promptly.

Victims of Napa car crashes are entitled to seek compensation from negligent drivers. Napa Accident Attorney Michael Rehm can help accident victims protect their right to bring an insurance claim.


Accident Attorney Michael Rehm represents victims of auto, car, bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian and wrongful death accidents in Napa, California. 

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