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With its backdrop of mountains and a national forest, San Bernardino offers natural beauty for its residents. Its failure to protect residents from negligent drivers is an ongoing concern.

In the most recent year analyzed by California's Office of Traffic Safety, San Bernardino traffic accidents caused 1,429 injuries or fatalities. Compared to 58 California cities of similar size, after adjusting for population and miles driven, the OTS ranked San Bernardino as having the 14th worst record of injuries and deaths caused by car crashes.

Bicycle accident injuries represented the only category in which San Bernardino scored an above average ranking. The city ranked 35th of 58 based on its 44 bicycle accidents that caused a fatal or nonfatal injury.

San Bernardino Motorcycle and Pedestrian Accidents

The most recent annual data from the OTS recorded 82 deaths or injuries from motorcycle accidents in San Bernardino. That is an unusually high motorcycle accident rate for a city of San Bernardino's size. Only four California cities in San Bernardino's grouping had a higher rate of motorcycle accidents.

In that same year, the city had 120 pedestrian injuries or deaths caused by car crashes. Again, the accident rate is unusually high. The OTS ranked San Bernardino as having the 7th worst rate of pedestrian accidents of 58 comparable cities.

Causes of San Bernardino Traffic Accidents

Impaired driving and speeding are both significant causes of San Bernardino traffic accidents. During the year that the OTS studied, 138 San Bernardino accidents were caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. Only 12 of 58 cities had a higher rate of alcohol-involved accidents.

The OTS classified 198 San Bernardino crashes as speed related. The city ranked 19th out of 58 in that category.

San Bernardino also had an unusually high number of hit-and-run accidents. The154 hit-and-run collisions gave San Bernardino the second-worst ranking among cities of its size.

Victims of a hit-and-run accident might be covered by an uninsured motorist policy, even if they were injured while walking or riding a bicycle. Auto Accident Attorney Michael Rehm can investigate all possible sources of insurance coverage for any accident caused by a negligent driver in San Bernardino.

San Bernardino Lawsuits

The Superior Court for San Bernardino County hears lawsuits that relate to San Bernardino auto accidents. Roughly 30 judges work at the court's San Bernardino location, depending on the current number of judicial vacancies. About a dozen of those judges preside over civil cases.

An impressive courthouse at 351 N. Arrowhead Avenue in San Bernardino was built in 1927 and is an example of Classical Revival architecture. However, civil lawsuits are generally heard in the more modern San Bernardino Justice Center at 247 West Third Street.

In the most recent year for which statistics are available, 2,036 lawsuits were filed in San Bernardino County that involved motor vehicle accidents. In that same year, 1,825 motor vehicle accident lawsuits were resolved.

Nineteen of the resolved cases were decided by juries. Five others were decided after a trial before the judge. Most of the remaining cases settled, although 55 cases were dismissed for other reasons.


If you have been injured due to the negligence of another driver, call San Bernardino Accident Attorney Michael Rehm at (800) 978-0754.  Free consultations, no fee if there is no recovery, find out the value of your case, and what to do from here.


MICHAEL REHM – (800) 978-0754

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