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Vista is a traffic accident paradox. According to the most recent ranking provided by California's Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Vista ranks 50 out of 58 comparable California cities when accident statistics are adjusted for population and miles driven. Since 49 out of 58 cities have a worse ranking, that seems like good news for drivers in Vista.

A deeper dive into the statistics tells a different story. Occupants of cars might be relatively safe, but motorcyclists and pedestrians are not. Vista's 27 motorcycle accidents in the most recent year studied by OTS placed Vista in the 13th position out of 58 comparable cities. Motorcyclists need to be particularly cautious when riding on Vista's streets.

Pedestrian Accidents in Vista

Pedestrian safety is also an urgent concern in Vista. The OTS ranked Vista 27th in pedestrian accidents based on 35 pedestrians who were injured or killed in traffic accidents. However, Vista had the 19th worst record when OTS focused on pedestrian victims under the age of 15 and the 16th worst record for pedestrians who were 65 or older. For children and seniors, Vista is an unusually dangerous city in which to take a stroll.

Vista has promised to make changes to North Santa Fe Avenue, West Los Angeles Drive and Townsite Drive that will slow the pace of traffic and make pedestrians more visible to drivers. Making sure that seniors have time to cross the street and enforcing speed limits in school zones might also reduce the risk to Vista's most vulnerable pedestrians. 

Drunk Driving Accidents in Vista

Unfortunately, car occupants, bicyclists, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians are all placed at risk from drunk drivers. Of the 309 Vista traffic accidents that caused injuries or deaths in the most recent year studied by OTS, 56 involved alcohol. Drunk driving accidents are a serious problem in Vista. That explains Vista's rank as 18th out of 58 comparable cities as measured by alcohol-involved accidents.

Whether an accident is caused by drunk driving, speeding, or distracted driving, Vista Personal Injury Attorney Michael Rehm can help.

North County San Diego Car Accident Lawsuits

Since Vista is in San Diego County, traffic accident lawsuits are filed in the busy Superior Court of San Diego County. Fortunately, the Superior Court uses the North County Regional Center on South Melrose Drive in Vista as a courthouse. Most civil lawsuits arising out of Vista traffic accidents are therefore heard in Vista.

In the most recent fiscal year for which statistics are available, about 3,000 traffic accident lawsuits were filed in San Diego County and about 2,800 pending traffic accident lawsuits were resolved. Most of those cases settled. Only 40 motor vehicle accident cases ended in a jury trial.

Because a large number of lawsuits are filed in San Diego County, cases tend to move more slowly than in some other California counties. Still, about three-fourths of traffic accident lawsuits are resolved within one year of filing. Nearly all of those cases settle.

Within two years of filing, 82% of San Diego County traffic accident lawsuits have resolved. The rest are those are likely to settle shortly before trial, although some will make their way to a jury.

Vista Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Rehm offers free, confidential consultations at (619) 787-3456, call to find out how your situation can be improved with the assistance of strong counsel. 

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