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Disneyland, Angel’s Stadium, and Knott’s Berry Farm contribute to Anaheim's traffic woes, but there are plenty of other reasons for Anaheim visitors and residents to clog the roads of California's second largest city. In the most recent year analyzed by California's Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Anaheim had the fifth worst rate of crash injuries and fatalities of 15 comparable California cities, after adjusting for population and miles driven.

Anaheim's nearly 2,300 injury accident victims included 401 injuries or deaths caused by speed-related crashes. Speeding is particularly dangerous to bicycle riders, motorcyclists, and pedestrians because they aren't surrounded by steel. In the most recent year studied by OTS, 85 motorcyclists, 89 pedestrians, and 92 bicycle riders were injured or killed within Anaheim's city limits.

Anaheim Auto Accident Injuries

Even when traffic is crawling during rush hour, accidents can cause serious harm. Rear-end collisions are the most common traffic accident in Anaheim. A rear-end crash of even 10 mph can cause a serious whiplash injury.

Intersection accidents are also common in Anaheim. The five most accident-prone intersections in Anaheim are:

Unless a vehicle is equipped with side-impact airbags, a T-bone accident at an intersection can cause catastrophic head and spinal injuries, as well as severed limbs and disabling joint injuries. A side-impact crash that causes a rollover can lead to organ damage and other crush injuries.

Motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents commonly occur in intersections. In addition to head injuries, common outcomes include broken bones, facial scarring, torn muscles and ligaments, and road rash.

Any injury that requires medical attention is likely to cause pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Anaheim Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Rehm can help traffic accident victims pursue compensation from the negligent drivers who cause their injuries.

Anaheim Traffic Accident Lawsuits

Lawsuits involving Anaheim traffic accidents are filed in the Superior Court for Orange County. Cases are usually heard at the Central Justice Center, located at 700 Civic Center Drive West in Santa Ana.

About 140 judges hear cases in Orange County, although the number of sitting judges depends on whether vacant positions have been filled with new or temporary judges. About 20 judges are generally assigned to hear civil lawsuits.

In the most recent year for which statistics are available, 3,573 new lawsuits were filed in Orange County that involved motor vehicle accidents. In that same year, 3,302 previously filed lawsuits were resolved.

Most accident claims are settled before a lawsuit is filed. Even after a lawsuit is filed, most cases are settled. Of the 3,302 lawsuit resolutions in Orange County, all but 87 were settled, while 32 cases were dismissed for other reasons. Just 45 cases went to trial. Of those, 41 were decided by a jury.

The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but the Superior Court makes a serious effort to bring cases to trial within two years. About two-thirds of Orange County cases settle within a year after the lawsuit is filed. About 93% are resolved by trial or settlement within two years.


Anaheim Car Accident Lawyer Michael Rehm provides representation on all personal injury matters in Anaheim and throughout Orange County, California. For a free consultation, and more information on his services, call (800) 978-0754.


MICHAEL REHM – (800) 978-0754

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