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Chico is known for having the second oldest university in the Cal State University system, for the picturesque Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park, and for the nation's best Yo-Yo Museum. Less favorably, it is known as a place where motorcyclists, pedestrians, and young bicyclists are not safe from drunk and careless drivers.

In the most recent year for which the Office of Traffic Statistics (OTS) has crunched the numbers, Chico had 359 traffic accidents that caused injuries or death. That's about average for comparable California cities.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Chico

More troubling is that alcohol was involved in 42 of those accidents. The OTS ranked Chico as having the 36th worst rate of alcohol-involved accidents out of 106 comparable California cities, after adjusting for population size and miles driven.

Even worse is that Chico ranks 18th out of 106 cities for alcohol-involved accidents caused by drivers under the age of 21. That statistic suggests that underage drinking and driving is a significant problem in Chico.

The city ranked 38th in nighttime accidents. That ranking is consistent with a high number of alcohol-involved accidents, as most drunk driving accidents occur during nighttime hours.

Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Accidents in Butte County CA

Chico's 24 motorcycle accidents caused OTS to rank the city in the 27th spot. Its 36 pedestrian accidents earned a ranking of the 34th out of 106 cities.

The most alarming ranking involves bicycle riders under the age of 15. Chico ranked a dismal sixth out of 106 cities in accidents involving young bicyclists.

Bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcycle riders, or anyone injured by a drunk driver should seek legal advice. Chico Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Rehm can explain the actions that need to be taken promptly to protect the right to receive full compensation for accident injuries.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Involving Chico Traffic Accidents

Most insurance claims against negligent drivers who cause accidents in Chico are settled without filing a lawsuit. When a lawsuit must be commenced, it is filed in the Superior Court for Butte County.

Butte County has two courthouses. The Butte County Courthouse is in Oroville, while the North Butte County Courthouse is in Chico. Of the eleven judges who are currently active in Butte County, two have primary responsibility for hearing “large claim” personal injury lawsuits.

In the most recent fiscal year for which statistics are available, 117 lawsuits were filed in Butte County arising out of motor vehicle accidents. In that same year, 128 lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents were resolved. Of those, 127 cases settled. Only one case was decided in a jury trial.

The statistics reflect Butte County's aggressive policy to achieve a settlement of civil lawsuits. The court requires both parties in the lawsuit to attend a settlement conference and expects them to make a good faith effort to settle the case.

Butte County's policy is to resolve 90% of civil lawsuits by trial or settlement within one year of filing and to resolve all lawsuits within two years. In practice, only 80% of civil cases are resolved within one year, while 7% remain unresolved after two years.


Chico Accident Attorney Michael Rehm provides representation on all car, auto, motorcycle, wrongful death, bicycle, and pedestrian accident cases throughout Butte County, including Chico and Oroville.

All Butte County personal injury cases will be handled through the Sacramento office of The Law Office of Michael Rehm. Attorney Rehm is available to make home and hospital visits in Chico and throughout Butte County, and is always available by zoom or by phone, at (800) 978-0754.

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