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Tens of thousands of millennials moved to Riverside during the 2010s. Its distinctive neighborhoods and proximity to beaches, mountains, and Disneyland make Riverside a fun place to raise a family.

Unfortunately, the city's growing population has caused a dramatic increase in both traffic and traffic accidents. In the most recent year studied by California's Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), 2,119 victims were injured or killed in Riverside motor vehicle crashes.

The OTS compared Riverside to 15 other California cities of comparable size. After adjusting for population and miles driven, the OTS ranked Riverside as having the fourth worst traffic accident rate of those 15 cities.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Riverside

Even more disturbing is the OTS analysis of drunk driving accident injuries. Of the 2,119 injury victims, 220 were injured by a driver who had been drinking. The OTS concluded that Riverside had the worst ranking among 15 cities for injuries caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. Riverside also had the worst ranking for injuries caused by minors who were driving after drinking.

The high rate of drunk driving accidents might be attributable to lax law enforcement. While the OTS ranked Riverside as having the worst rate of drunk driving accidents, it ranked Riverside as ninth best of the 15 cities for impaired driving arrests.

Motorcycle, Pedestrian, and Bicycle Accidents in Riverside

The OTS reported 87 motorcycle accident injuries or deaths in Riverside during the most recent year it analyzed. That statistic placed Riverside in the fifth worst position of 15 comparable cities. The city's 89 bicycle accidents ranked ninth worst among the 15 cities.

Riverside's pedestrian accident ranking was in the middle (eighth) of the 15 cities. Unfortunately, of the 113 pedestrian accidents that resulted in injury or death, 24 involved pedestrians under the age of 15. That gave Riverside the second worst ranking for injuries to young pedestrians.

Riverside Traffic Accident Lawsuits

A driver, passenger, motorcycle rider, bicyclist, or pedestrian who is injured because of another person's negligence is entitled to make a claim for compensation. Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Rehm can help injury victims seek justice after a traffic accident injury in Riverside.

Lawsuits for injuries that result from Riverside traffic accidents are filed in Riverside County Superior Court. The cases are heard at the Riverside Historic Courthouse on Main Street in Riverside. The Riverside Historic Courthouse is widely regarded as of the most impressive architectural structures in California. The courthouse was modernized in 2014 to bring modern technology to a building that was constructed in 1903.

More than 1,900 motor vehicle accident lawsuits were filed in Riverside County during the most recent year for which statistics are available. In that same year, 1,755 motor vehicle accident lawsuits were resolved.

Most motor vehicle accident lawsuits in Riverside are resolved within one year. About 93% are resolved with two years.

Most traffic accident injury claims settle. In fact, most cases settle without filing suit. When lawsuits are filed, they usually settle without trial. In the most recent year for which statistics are available, only fifteen motor vehicle accident cases in Riverside County were decided in a jury trial.


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