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The Golden Gate Bridge and Twin Peaks are among the attractions that make San Francisco one of California's most beautiful cities. Unfortunately, it is also California's most dangerous city for motorcycle riders.

San Francisco's motorcycle accident rate is on the rise. In the most recent year reported by the Office of Traffic Safety, more than 560 motorcyclists were injured or killed on San Francisco's roads. With its hills, trolley tracks, and road congestion, San Francisco is a challenging environment for even the most cautious motorcycle rider.

Drivers who make a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle are the most frequent cause of motorcycle collisions. Other careless drivers pull in front of motorcycles while exiting parking lots, sideswipe motorcycles while changing lanes, or hit motorcyclists head-on when they try to pass cars that are stopped in traffic.

San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer Michael Rehm can help victims and their families make injury and wrongful death claims against careless drivers. We help injured motorcyclists recover the compensation they need to move ahead with their lives.

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Road rash is one of the most common motorcycle accident injuries. While some bikers feel that road rash is part of the riding experience, life-threatening infections can develop when road rash is left untreated. Motorcycle riders should seek immediate medical attention whenever they scrape their skin on the pavement after a motorcycle accident.

Riders who are trapped under their bikes after a collision often suffer from burns and crush injuries. Other common motorcycle accident injuries include:

• Broken bones
• Head and brain injuries
• Facial scarring
• Dental injuries
• Spinal injuries
• Neck injuries
• Torn muscles and tendons
• Joint injuries
• Nerve damage

Every physical injury is accompanied by pain, suffering, and emotional distress. The anxiety and depression that accompanies a disabling injury can be even more traumatic than physical pain. San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney Michael Rehm team helps injury victims recover compensation for their emotional losses as well as their medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial harms.

Free Consultations - (415) 230-2346 - San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Michael Rehm

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