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While Fremont is less well known than some other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, residents enjoy its connection to nature and history. Fremont's laid-back attitude may explain its relatively good traffic accident ranking.

California's Office of Traffic Safety compared Fremont to 58 California cities of similar size. After adjusting for population and miles driven, the OTS ranked Fremont 41st of the 58 cities. That above-average ranking means that 40 comparable cities had a higher rate of injuries and deaths than Fremont.

A good ranking is not a sign of absolute safety. During the year that OTS studied, 852 accident victims were injured or killed in Fremont crashes. Of those, 55 were pedestrians. Freemont ranked 47th out of 58 cities for pedestrian injuries and deaths.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents in Fremont

While Fremont's overall ranking and its pedestrian accident ranking were well above average, the same cannot be said of its bicycle accident ranking. Fremont ranked 30th out of 58 cities based on 60 bicyclists who were injured or killed in traffic accidents.

Fremont's worst ranking came in the category of motorcycle accidents. The city's 53 motorcycle accidents produced a below-average ranking of 23rd out of 58 comparable cities.

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by careless drivers making a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. While turning drivers are required to yield to oncoming traffic, studies show that many drivers either fail to notice motorcycles or they underestimate the motorcycle's speed.

Whether an accident victim is a motorcycle rider, a bicyclist, a pedestrian, a driver or a passenger, individuals who are injured because of a driver's negligence are entitled to pursue an accident claim. Obtaining legal advice from Fremont Accident Attorney Michael Rehm can help injury victims and the families of deceased victims protect their rights.

Fremont Auto Accident Lawsuits

The Alameda County Superior Court hears injury and wrongful death lawsuits that relate to traffic accidents in Fremont. Although the Superior Court maintains a courthouse in Fremont, it is generally used for criminal cases.

A car accident lawsuit from Fremont will most likely be assigned to a judge at the Hayward Hall of Justice. That courthouse is located at 24405 Amador Street in Hayward. Five of the twenty judges assigned to the Hayward Hall of Justice hear civil lawsuits.

In the most recent fiscal year for which statistics are available, more than 1,500 Alameda County lawsuits were filed in motor vehicle accident cases. About 200 fewer cases filed in previous years were resolved, a trend that could produce a backlog if its continues.

Alameda County nevertheless processes cases more quickly than the statewide average. About 72% of the county's motor vehicle accident lawsuits settle within one year of filing. Within two years, 91% have been resolved.

Nearly all motor vehicle accident lawsuits are resolved by settlement. Of the 1,354 cases that were resolved in a recent year, only three cases ended with a jury trial. Another five were resolved by a trial before a judge. All the other cases settled before trial.


Fremont Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Rehm provides representation on all accident matters throughout Fremont CA, and the entire Bay Area. Call (510) 418-0820 for a free, confidential consultation and see how Accident Attorney Rehm can be an asset on your case.


MICHAEL REHM – (510) 418-0820

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