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Los Angeles is one of the country's busiest transportation hubs. Trucks, busses, passenger cars, and rideshare vehicles compete for space on the city's roads and freeways. A recent study ranked Los Angeles as having the sixth worst traffic congestion in the United States.

Traffic congestion leads to traffic accidents. Stop-and-go traffic causes rear-end collisions. Bored commuters who focus on smartphones rather than traffic lights cause intersection accidents. Trucks hauling freight from air and water ports create the risk of deadly crashes.

Los Angeles Car Crashes

In the most recent year analyzed by California's Office of Traffic Safety, more than 36,000 people were injured in crashes that occurred in the city of Los Angeles. No other California city had as many traffic accident victims.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the state's largest city had the most accidents. But even after controlling for population and miles driven, OTS ranked Los Angeles as the worst of 15 comparable California cities.

Traffic accidents are almost always caused by a negligent driver. Victims of negligent drivers are entitled to make claims for compensation. To assure that they don't lose that right, victims should seek immediate advice from a personal injury lawyer. Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyer Michael Rehm can help accident victims protect their right to receive full compensation for Los Angeles auto accident injuries.

Rear-End Collisions in Los Angeles

The most common traffic accident injuries in Los Angeles are whiplash injuries. They are caused when a careless driver rear-ends a car that is either stopped in traffic or moving at a slower speed than the driver who causes the crash.

A rear-end collision causes the victim's head to snap back as the car is pushed forward, and then to snap forward as the car slows to a stop. That violent motion, coupled with shear force to the back, injures neck and shoulder muscles and may cause a spinal injury.

Insurance companies have tried to convince the public that whiplash victims are faking their injuries. Scientists who study biomechanics have determined that a rear-end collision of 7 mph can cause a significant neck injury. Pain typically begins a day or two after the accident and, even with prompt treatment, can cause nagging pain for months. In some cases, the injury may be permanent

Intersection Collisions in Los Angeles

Distracted driving is responsible for most intersection accidents. Other causes include falling asleep at the wheel and trying to beat a red light.

A recent study found that six of the twenty most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles are in the Van Nuys neighborhood, including two of the top three. The three most dangerous intersections are:

Intersection accidents are usually side impact (“T-bone”) collisions. Unless the victim is protected by a side-impact airbag, the collision can cause extensive injuries. A T-bone collision at high speeds can cause a rollover, leading to deadly crush injuries.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Los Angeles

During the most recent year analyzed by OTS, nearly 2,700 victims were injured or killed by drunk drivers in Los Angeles. The city had the third worst ranking of 15 comparable cities for drunk driving injuries.

Even worse is the city's ranking for drunk driving accident injuries caused by impaired drivers who were under the age of 21. The city ranked second of 15 in that category.

Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles

While many Los Angeles residents prefer driving to walking, there have been reports that LA is experiencing an epidemic of pedestrian accidents. Westlake, Chinatown, and West Hollywood are among the neighborhoods that have been plagued by pedestrian injuries.

More than 3,500 pedestrians were injured or killed in LA during the most recent year analyzed by OTS. Los Angeles had the fourth worst pedestrian crash ranking of 15 comparable cities. Los Angeles also ranked fourth for injuries to pedestrians who had reached the age of 65 and fifth for pedestrian injuries involving minors.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not a bicycle-friendly city. Commuters in LA are more likely to drive than bicycle to work. Still, almost 2,000 bicyclists were injured or killed in Los Angeles bicycle accidents in the most recent year that OTS analyzed. OTS ranked LA seventh of 15 cities for bicycle accident injuries.

Sadly, the statistics are much worse for children under 15. Students typically ride bikes to school, forcing them to compete with cars on LA's busy streets. Los Angeles had the worst ranking of 15 comparable California cities for injuries to bicyclists under the age of 15.

Los Angeles is no friendlier to motorcyclists than it is to bicyclists. Nearly 1,600 of the city's injury victims were riding motorcycles. OTS ranked Los Angeles fourth of 15 cities for motorcycle accidents.

Los Angeles Traffic Accident Lawsuits

While most personal injury cases settle, sometimes a lawsuit must be filed before the insurance company will agree to a settlement. A lawsuit for compensation based on a collision must be filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Trials in personal injury cases are usually held in the Spring Street Courthouse or the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on North Hill Street. Other nearby civil courthouses include the Burbank Courthouse, the Beverly Hills Courthouse, the Compton Courthouse, and the Inglewood Courthouse.

Nearly one hundred judges are assigned to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. About 25 judges are assigned to the Spring Street Courthouse. Other nearby courthouse typically have more than a dozen judges assigned to preside over civil cases.

The courthouses are busy places. In the most recent year for which statistics are available, more than 17,000 motor vehicle accident lawsuits were filed in Los Angeles County. In that same year, more than 14,000 motor vehicle accident lawsuits were resolved. Of those, 136 cases were decided in a jury trial. Nearly all of the other cases that resolved were settled.

Cases proceed more slowly in Los Angeles County than in some other counties, simply because Los Angeles has the busiest court in California. Still, about half of all new car accident lawsuits are resolved within one year, and 85% are resolved within two years.


If you have been injured in an accident in Los Angeles, call Car Accident Lawyer Michael Rehm at (323) 963-8283 to determine the value of your case, and the next steps to take from here.

Consultations are always free, confidential, and come with no obligation. Attorney Michael Rehm receives no fee up front; all attorney fees are paid when the case is finished. After hours and weekend appointments are available, so feel free to call anytime.

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer

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